November 4, 2019

Collecting Loans. We help you collect loans and save money!

Collect Loans – Collect loans if you have sms loans and small credits and bring down your total monthly cost. With our intermediaries’ security-adapted solutions, several banks can share only one credit report from UC, the Information Center. Click on a lender in the list below to start your loan application.

You get offers from over 20 banks and mortgage institutions if you use a brokerage service such as Good Finance or WebFinance. You save both time and money and they negotiate them best terms and interest rates for you. You also protect your UC from too many UC requests.

Good Finance you can collect loans even though you have payment notes


Collecting loans means redeeming small loans such as sms loans and quick loans and taking a more favorable private loan with lower interest rates. It is not possible to say exactly how much you can save by collecting loans. One way to see your new monthly costs is to use our loan calculator or a calculator on one of the banks website. Fill in the total loan amount and the desired repayment period. You can also adjust the interest rates on the pages of the intermediaries. Then you compare this with the monthly cost you currently have, then you get an idea of ​​how much you can save. You can always contact customer service or chat directly with one of our experts.

A loan manager can help you if you have questions or want help with collecting loans. There is no limit to how many loans you combine to collect loans, we have intermediaries and banks that allow you to borrow up to half a million USD and some as much as USD 600,000. When gathering loans, it is important to estimate and calculate the amount of the loan. The advantage of using a broker when you want to collect loans is that only one credit report is made, but you get offers from several directions. So apply to collect loans now, it is completely free of charge.

Collect your loans


Collect your loans now and save thousands! It can be expensive to have many small loans and credits. replace your installments and credit card debts with a private loan. By collecting loans you can get a smaller monthly cost. You can also get better terms and higher credit ratings.

It can get really expensive in the long run with many small loans. Collect your loans now so you don’t have to pay multiple avi fees and setup fees on a lot of small loans. You can cut costs significantly. Plus you get a better overview of your finances. If you decide to collect your loans, everyday life will be easier to control. At best, you can pay off your loans earlier. Collect your loans and pay for one place, not more. A new loan is required that covers your smaller loans if you are to collect your loans properly.

Review the interest rates on your current loans and see if you can save money by collecting your loans. Take out all the papers on loans and credits and review your terms and interest rates. Try to include everything in your calculations if you want to collect loans. You may have higher income today? Include everything in the calculations before you collect loans. You may be able to apply with a co-applicant? There are many ways to negotiate new better terms and interest rates when collecting loans. Fill out a loan application and state that you want to collect the loan and the total amount of the new loan. Just as with a regular loan application, a credit report is made when applying to collect your loans. At Good Finance and GoodCash you can apply even if you have many inquiries.

Collect loans and credits


Collect loans and credits now in a larger private loan from Bank Norwegian. Bank Norwegian is one of  Scandinavia’s most popular banks. They have a popular credit card and offer you to settle and collect loans and credits in a larger private loan without collateral. You fill out your loan application online in a simple and easy way and get notified immediately.

Collecting loans and credits at Bank Norwegian:

  • Collect loans between USD 5000 – USD 500,000.
  • Interest is offered between 4.99% – 20.24% when you want to collect loans and credits.
  • Sign your loan application safely and securely with a BankID.
  • Ability to collect loans and settle your credits.

Bank Norway’s basic requirements for those who want to collect loans and credits:

  1. You must have turned 18 years old to collect loans.
  2. You must have lived and been registered in Sweden for the last 36 months if you want to collect loans.
  3. You must not have debt restructuring or debt with Kronofogden when you want to collect loans.

An establishment fee is added when you take out a unsecured private loan with Bank Norwegian. Apply for a private loan and collect loans now.

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